SunPlix supplies different power grow light ballast to satisfy different needs. Here you will find all of our ballast products.

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1000W Knob Dimming CMH HPS MH Ballast

1000W Dimmable Electronic CMH HPS MH Ballast   Introduction: SunPlix 1000W low frequency, square wave knob dimming digital ballast, is

315W Low Frequency Square Wave Digital CMH Ballast

315W Low Frequency Electronic Ballast   Introduction: SunPlix 315W low frequency square wave digital CMH ballast utilizes patent Fuzzy Logic ballast

700W Low Frequency Dimmable Electronic CMH Ballast

700W (Dual 350) IR remote Dimming Ballast   Introduction: 700W CMH (dual 350) low frequency square wave dimming ballast utilizes

HPS/MH Electronic Ballast

Work with HPS and MH lamps. High PF: ≥0.99 Low THD: ≤ 10% High light efficiency and energy saving. Low

MPC-49 Daisy Chain Power Cord

MPC-49 Daisy Chain Power Cord MPC-49 daisy chain power cord is widely used to connect multiple grow lights.  It saves