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SunPlix ECO Foldable LED Grow Lights

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SPLED Pro 2100 Compact LED Grow Light

SunPlix SPLED Pro 2100 compact LED grow light is built with high quality SEOUL horticulture diodes. Its PPF can reach
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HPS/MH Electronic Ballast

Work with HPS and MH lamps. High PF: ≥0.99 Low THD: ≤ 10% High light efficiency and energy saving. Low
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SPLED G7 1000W Foldable LED Grow Light

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SPLED G6 760W UV IR Enhanced LED Grow Light

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LED DC Extension Cable

LED DC Extension Cable Extending distance between drive and light  strip on SunPlix G1, G2, and G5 LED grow lights.
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80W LED Grow Light

Power: 80W BTU: 273 PPF: 232 Wavelength: full spectrum white Diode: SamSung LM301B Fixture size: 47″x2.1″x1.5″ Beam angle: 120 degree
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50W Infrared 730nm LED Grow Light

Power: 50W BTU: 171 Wavelength: 730nm Fixture size: 47″x2.1″x1.5″ Beam angle: 120 degree Heat management: Passive Power voltage: 120V/240V LED
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